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You might wonder how blind people deal with everyday challenges. Well, normally the answer is simple. They are not that different from you. They do all the activities that you do – travel, go to school, go to work, you get the picture! 
But sometimes the simplest thing can be difficult. Like playing cricket. 
There are a few things we need to know. In blind cricket, all players are not completely blind. There are three categories.
Totally Blind (4players) 
Partially Blind (3 players) 
Partially Sighted (4Players) 
Blind cricket follows standard laws of cricket with some modifications. Verbal signals are used by both umpires and players. The bowler has to say ‘Play’ as he releases the ball. The rules slightly differ for B1 and other players. Each run hit by the B1 player is counted as double. The B1 player can catch the ball after one bounce. The B1 player cannot be out stumped. The B1 player is out lbw only on second time. The ball should pitch at least twice for B1 batsman.
Now you might be wondering how does a totally blind person catch a ball without seeing it. For identifying the approaching ball they depend on their hearing sense. The ball used in blind cricket consists of ball bearings which makes an audible sound when in motion. Based on the sound the B1 player locates the direction of ball and moves towards it.
The bowling is done underarm way so that it goes along the ground.
The batsman uses ‘sweep shot’ in order to provide maximum chance of the bat hitting the ball.
Today’s story is about the science behind blind cricket. How a person with a visual disability strategizes and is able to play. The story revolves around visually impaired cricketers and the science which is narrated by a Specialist (Orthopaedic Doctor) and cricket loving fans. 
Do watch this documentary to discover that you don’t need to see to play cricket.

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